Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Good day at college today managed to finish the 3 textile moths I have been making over the last few days, but forgot my camera so have no pics today (will try to get some soon) have just the evaluations for the 4 workshops to do by tomorrow p.m. and I should be some where near done! Unfortunately my "saggar Book" has not yet been fired and wont be ready for my assessment on thursday, but as this not my fault hoping it won't go against me.
A couple more doll pics as promised for a friend, this was done for my foundation diploma studies last year ..........
Bi-polar doll

I also want to add this photo of one of my daughter's kittens as she is just so pretty, I am hoping to paint/draw her (the cat) at some stage and also her sister who is also very pretty but completely different in colour (will post a pic soon)

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sue said...

Beautiful cat - and very striking pose against the dark background. Look forward to seeing the portrait :o)