Thursday, 4 November 2010

college work

I have actually managed to get down to some drawing at last, I am having some fun with these, thinking about incorporating something in this line into some mixed media paintings for our group/college exhibition in January. Needs a lot more work and thought, but here are some of the ideas (a couple more to follow when I manage to remember to photograph them!)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A slight deviation

It seems ages since I last blogged and I think it may be a good time to update, I have been working hard at college and have managed to do a little textile work, I am not a lover of sewing but do like the effect of stitch in art work and am becoming much more interested in collage and mixed media, which is quite ironic as on my previous Diploma course I loathed collage! Just shows been forced out of a comfort zone can be a real good thing ;-)
To be honest my painting attempts on the last project did not get a great reception, so I have side stepped slightly, not wanting to abandon the collage and mixed media, and my own way of working just to tick boxes,  I have added more in the way of tissue paper, oil pastel and stitch to a couple of new pieces, still working within my nature, and crow/bird, themes, the first is still quite representative, but the second is much more instinctive.........hopefully a step in the right direction, but certainly  something I wish to explore further. I have also included a picture of the second acrylic/collage version of the book/crow painting