Friday, 26 February 2010


I will have to either draw a smaller moth or shrink my original drawing on the computer, due to financial restraints at college we are supplied with very small copper plates for etching and my drawing is too big (would have been nice to have known this before I spent so much time on it!). But this is not really a problem as it gives me time to re-assess my final print. 
So in the meantime.....I have completed 3 prints (one too light, one too dark and one good) of a  soft ground etching on the plate supplied. I  created a background on my plate consisting of some scrim and a quarter of a leaf embedded into a ground which is rolled onto the copper, then put through a press, the scrim and leaf is then removed leaving indentations and finally  ink rubbed and rolled onto the plate and printed onto damp Somerset paper. This took most of the day to do, but I really enjoyed it and am pleased with the results, will  post photos when the prints have dried, they have to be left under pressure until dry to prevent warping.
Next week I will be adding to my plate using Hard Ground Etching, I will probably draw a smaller moth as the detail in the bigger one will be lost on the small prints, but if all goes well I may buy some copper plate and make some larger prints. The drawing can go into my project sketch book as this is all assessed with the  final outcome.
I am planning an artist book consisting of prints and stitching on paper, about "shadows" (Jung) and things, under the surface,   from the unconscious and archetypes. Until then it is back to the drawing board (commission) and I have to collate all my photos, info etc on all my gallery visits, artist inspiration etc from the last year into one "journal" 


Jan said...

Wow, Geraldine, you're really getting a thorough education here! Is it kosher to scan your moth then resize it for printing? It's really nice and I'm sure it would be a pain to re-do it. said...

Hi Jan
thanks for comment, I ended up etching another moth onto the plate as you have to work freehand into the Hard ground anyway. It turned out quite well though, it is drying under the press at the moment but will post soon.