Monday, 26 October 2009

Sorry I am not managing to post very often, just about keeping on top of things, have thankfully finished my last pet portrait for a while, will post after Christmas as I don't want to risk spoiling my clients surprise (not likely but you never know!)
In between coursework I am trying to do some of my own stuff (art) without much success but did manage a couple of pencil sketches/drawings, this is one I did in the wee small hours, after not being able to sleep (would love a switch to turn off over active brain!!!!)
This is Sammy my little grandson in a not too typical pose as he is normally a sunny little character, but I did find this pic very interesting to draw, I do not do a lot of human portraits but found this a perfect de-stresser (is that a word?)

Monday, 5 October 2009

Well today I have managed to work some on my Christmas commission, sorry can't show it yet, but hopefully will at Christmas. Also have one confirmed and one possible commission for my college project, have two unanswered offers (the project requires us to gain commissions in the public and private sectors) so they will be almost certainly no go's now, as I won't have time for more.
Have updated my portfolio, worked some more on my ICT (film and video) project, mainly research and writing up. A quick clean up after the weekend (we had our two grandchildren Leah 8, and Sam 2, to stay) am now about to cook dinner and tonight will be spent working out how to use and getting ready the college video camera for filming when I walk Oskar in the morning, before I leave ! The project has a theme of duality and I have come up with the idea of the local environment being overshadowed by a Nuclear Power station, and need to get some more film (my little camera doesent have the required quality of film for editing) and also some sounds of birds etc, and the throb and hum of industry, will visit the power station for the second time at the weekend but have to get sounds from elsewhere in the meantime, and then try to fit in learning something about Final Cut (film editing prog) as I dont have the program on my computer, and will be using it for the editing!