Friday, 11 September 2009

Weird day today, after really bad night with strange dreams, and little sleep, most likely due to sore throat/chest infection, me and husband have managed to pick up, I did not think `I would be doing much in the way of art.' My commission is still on the easel untouched, but looking at a picc of my Late G.S.D girl Kess, who was pts, almost a year ago, I suddenly had the urge to draw her, something I have been planning for months but have been unable to face.....(is this what they call the "muse"?)
my printer isnt working properly , so bringing the main computer down from upstairs (my laptop is useless for drawing from) its a MAC so not the massive task that it sounds like!
I started with an eye and have just carried on........ no pre drawing just this urgent need to get her on paper!!!!! I used the first paper I found that was the right colour, feels like sandpaper, I had put this away for experiments some time......and this is the result so far.....and it is her, even down to her odd gaze due to a fixed retina from birth... I have run out of steam and am looking after my grandson later so have to clear away, and may or may not finish this, but it feels good to have started......

Monday, 7 September 2009

some thing different

I have a surprise Christmas Portrait to start, (a bit early , but am back at college next week so won't have much time for commission work then. ) so won't be showing it on here.
I have been playing around with acrylic and also oil pastels, the former still not going where I want it too, the latter looks promising.
This is acrylics and soft pastels on heavy watercolour paper