Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Well it has taken me till the 1st of march to get round to my first blog of 2011! It has been a busy few months, we had our 'Transition ' exhibition in January, and the 'biggy' summer exhibition is just around the corner in May.
This one is marked towards our degree so is very important!
I have been working in my sketchbooks and also have done some random artwork, including some linocut, but have once again come back to drawing. I have recently drawn several trees and these along with the crows are becoming a bit of an obsession. I am currently exploring charcoal, mixed media and oil pastel  (separately, not all together) and so far have not come up with any concrete ideas for the show apart from the fact that it will probably be tree and /or crow related. Anyways for the moment a few pics of current work.

This one is in charcoal & mixed media approx A0, and still has a way to go.

Another ongoing project, this is oil pastel approx A2

and lastly coloured pencil on thinned oil paint  A2