Sunday, 30 May 2010

Glastonbury Exhibition

I thought I would take some time out today, and have a break from my latest commission (cant say too much about this one at present, but will post soon) and having finished all my Uni assessments except one that is not due in until after the reading week (half term). We (being me and husband Kev) decided to visit Glastonbury as I wanted to see the art exhibition by three local artists, "Diversity" was a wonderful collection of Pastel, Paint and coloured pencil pieces, I met Pauline and Diana two of the artists and had an enjoyable chat and watched them at work. Well worth a visit at the Glastonbury Galleries if anyone is in the area.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

2 down 2 to go!

This week has been quite hectic and we are only half - way through , but two modules for our summative assessments have now been handed in and we have two more next week, which include a report and Power point presentation and our Life drawing/drawing and research module, roll on this time next week!
As promised a few pics of the 10 week project, there is also an A2 folder of mono prints and my favorite piece, the back -up sketch book, will post pics of these soon.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


After a several  weeks thinking and planning about Symbolism, Romanticism, Pre-raph's etc (just about what you would expect from me, me-thinks) for my summative report at college, I work up early this morning with the realisation of something that had been nagging at me unconciously for a while.
I am not going to do the report on the aforementioned subject matter, but on  Dada, Surrealism and Salvador Dali! after doing a powerpoint and writing copious notes, that never saw the light of day earlier in the term, I would be rather stupid to waste them, (even if I did nearly forget about them!)

Our 10 week projects have gone in to be marked and thanks to a very generous fellow student, (thanks Joe)
who took lots of photo's I will put the pictures of mine on blogger very soon ;-)