Sunday, 21 February 2010

checking in

Thought I would post as I am becoming rather neglectful of late, thats not to say I have not been doing any art work. I am still working on the coloured pencil commission for my college course, I can't believe how long its  taken me so far............admittedly I have scrapped a couple of starts and cannot spend as much time as I would like on it due to all the other bits of the course and real life getting in the way. I am still thinking I have made a huge mistake doing it in pencil not pastel, but did not see how else to get the detail in!
We have just had half term/reading week and once again I haven't managed to finish (or even start) the work we were set as I have spent nearly the whole time on the commission, but did manage to fit in a visit to the Bristol Galleries, which I have to admit to enjoying very much after setting out without much enthusiasm.
So tonight and tomorrow will be spent catching up, I have a Power Point presentation to prepare on Thick and Thin Aesthetics in Artworks which I have looked at but finding it difficult to choose a painting for the thick aesthetics as I love so many, will most likely be something by one of the Pre-Raphaelites, as I just love the style of painting and the romantic and mythological themes, or maybe John William Waterhouse, who in the strictest sense was too late to belong to the P-R brotherhood but painted in a similar style and context, and I do have the most fabulous book about his work ;-)
I also have to do some research and prepare a drawing for etching on thursday (which I am really quite exited about),  but again I have some ideas for this as it is to be used in our 10-week projects we are just starting, more information on this in later blog as I don't want to write loads tonight (and I am not sure it makes interesting reading for others) for now i will just add a few paintings I have considered for my presentation
the first is the Beguiling of Merlin (by Vivain, Nimue or Vivienne) by Edward Burne-Jones

and the following three are all by John William Waterhouse

Crystal Ball /skull                                                                                         Lamia

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sue said...

Must admit its all over my head :o) but I do like Boreas !