Thursday, 4 February 2010

barking up the wrong tree?

No pictures again this morning (hopefully later if light improves today), having a little crisis of confidence at the moment (whats new!) having spent goodness know how many hours on my college commission, which is a piece for a local wildlife sanctury, consisting of two children and various animals in front of a large tree and landscape background, I am not at all happy with it. Possibly something to do with the fact that after several false starts in pastel I decided to attempt it in coloured pencils, a medium I have only dabbled with a couple of times without much success and as its on A1 mount board a tad over ambitious me thinks! The composition is now working and I have put in the sky but am not sure on the lay down, after about 3+ very light layers of pencil it is looking quite smooth, but I still have some white showing through making it look "crayony" and its becoming a little waxy, so I dont think more layers are a good idea, not sure whether to carry on, revert to the pastel one with the composition that I don't like or start another one in pastel but with the new composition!


sue said...

Hi Geraldine, I'm just back from hols and playing catch up here. Love the pic of Maisie at the top of your blog :o)

With cp background have you tried using cp shavings, rubbed in lightly with cotton wool. You can grate the cp on a metal tea strainer, pick up a few shavings on the cotton pad and apply lots of light layers till you get the depth you want. It goes on quicker and doesn't get so waxy. (Just a thought - you may have tried this already of course). Look forward to seeing your pic soon said...

Thanks Sue,
hope you had a lovely break ;-) and thank you for the tip, will try this out. I haven't heard of it before, but haven't really done much in the way of CP. I have some prismas and some FC poly's and thought it was about time I made a real effort to get to grips with them, I choose to use them on this big piece as I thought "sink or swim" and I would get plenty of practice if nothing else!

Jan said...

I'd not heard of this before, Sue. As much as I dislike the time involved in good cp work, I will definitely remember this tip!

Hope you get it completed to your satisfaction, Geraldine, Sometimes when you still have the little white spots you can try a bristle brush to blend then out. A short-haired bristle stencil brush works well. Also, taking your colored pencil with a very sharp point and working in tight circles (lightly)can also help to cover the white spots.

Good luck! said...

Thanks Jan
have tried using a blender which has helped a little, will try the brush. Cannot do anymore with that particular colour as I have used the WHOLE pencil!!
Have another one on order so hoping it wont take too long to arrive.