Thursday, 28 July 2011

Alice in the Park

Just thought I would add a few pics of our summer 'Alice in the Park' exhibition, organised and run by
HaBA (Highbridge and Burnham Artists)
In the photographs Alice is my grand-daughter Leah and Kev (my husband ) the Mad Hatter.

It has been so long since I posted,  I will just cover the most interesting (hopefully) stuff.
My major exhibition at college went well, and I now have a Foundation degree in Applied Art and Design, I have been accepted for the BA Hons degree course in the same subject so have one more year to do.
The local summer Arts festival was a bit of a wash out due to the weather, but we did manage one and half days (details and pictures on my Facebook page if anyone is interested)
I am currently taking some time doing some of my own art  (as opposed to school stuff) and updating my website, with new work. I have discovered that I like human portraiture as well as the animal kind and have been playing around with charcoal and pastel.
Something that my course has given me is a new perspective on my own work, and having experimented with lots of subjects and different media, I have come almost full circle back to pastels, although I now also enjoy dabbling with water colour, acrylic and collage. I am looking at other ways of using pastels as I have become slightly bored with my style of working, and have become very enthusiastic about using their inherent properties to the full, and also looking at a wider scope of subjects, so this will be my next step.......

Kev (my husband) charcoal and pastel pencil on pastel paper

charcoal on wc paper
Leah and Sam (my grandchildren)
pastel/pastel pencil/charcoal pencil