Thursday, 16 September 2010

Back to school!

The summer break has ended, and as I have been working on commissions and college tasks all summer I can't say I feel refreshed,  but I have enjoyed a weekend in Wales,  and a visit to the UK Wolf Watch centre in Shropshire.
This week was the start of the new year at Uni and I have spent the last three days registering/enrolling etc and generally getting back into the swing of things. Once again I have mixed feelings about whether I am suited to the (mature) 'student' thing, and I am already having sleepless nights, my time management skills are far from perfect and I always struggle with the amount of work. A new project has been set which I will update on in a day or so, but in the meantime..........

 I took Oskar out for a long walk this morning which we both enjoyed (he even went for a swim ) he tore a cruciate ligament about 18 months ago and his exercise has been limited to the garden since then, he is still limping intermittently but seems a lot more comfortable recently so we will see how it goes........

I also took a couple of pics of a kestrel (unfortunately my camera lens is not quite strong enough to get much detail at this distance, but still worth a look, and also a couple of nice shots of a Great Crested Grebe.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to improve as I have really missed my walks and although I stopped partially for his benefit and also because I no longer have Kess, I now feel ready to get back to a routine.