Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Just got in so thought I would make a quick post whilst grabbing a cup of tea before getting dinner.
Today went well, three of my group did presentations  and I was reasonably happy with mine, I think maybe I could have put more detail in the actual Power Point (I certainly had enough information in my notes) but on the whole I was happy I covered the brief, and I enjoyed the discussion afterwards on all three, I did mine first as I get a bit nervous and like to get these things out of the way.
Next we had a presentation by visiting artist Fiona Cassidy.
 Life drawing was good this afternoon and surprisingly I enjoyed drawing Jane (our female model)in charcoal, more than I did the one of Andrew (ditto male) I did in pencil, I think it maybe that I spend less time worrying about details with charcoal so the whole thing ends up much looser and (relatively speaking) fresher.
So this evening will be spent on my "moth" drawing ready for etching tomorrow, it really should have been done in the "reading week" but I spent most of that on the commission!

I have just finished my Moth so thought I would add it here.....
I rather like how it's turned out, just hope it is suitable for etching tomorrow
It's a death head moth hence the skull patterning on the back

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