Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tues 23 Feb

Well it is now 22.00 and I have just about finished my presentation for tomorrow, I decided on the beguiling of Merlin for the thick (aesthetics) and Kandinsky's Accent in Pink painting for the thin, hope I have it right, will know tomorrow that's for sure.
The basic principle for the aesthetics stuff (sorry too tired to remember correct terms;-)) is thick aesthetic art has deeper meaning than the surface values, ie a narrative, story or expression of something. Art with thin aesthetics has no obvious deeper meaning and is taken at face value, ie the beauty of line, form or colour. It sounds very straight forward, but I have had the devil of a time finding something for the thin, as even abstract art very often has deeper or less obvious meanings. Anyway I make no apologies for showing Edward Burne - Jone's version of Nimue's (Vivian) betrayal of Merlin again and also Wassily Kandinsky's Accent in Pink.


Josef said...
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Josef said...

Hey G, i really enjoyed analysing that painting yesterday, no doubt you presentation is going to be great!! see you in a bit!

geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

Hi Joe
and thanks, removed one comment as I published before realizing they were the same ;-)