Monday, 7 September 2009

some thing different

I have a surprise Christmas Portrait to start, (a bit early , but am back at college next week so won't have much time for commission work then. ) so won't be showing it on here.
I have been playing around with acrylic and also oil pastels, the former still not going where I want it too, the latter looks promising.
This is acrylics and soft pastels on heavy watercolour paper


Jan said...

I like this a lot!

I have some oil pastels but haven't done anything with them. They sort of seem like crayons or something but I only have a small, cheap set. I'd like to see what you do with them. said...

thanks Jan,
this was very much an experiment, I dont tend to paint much, preferring dry media and even this I have added to with soft pastels.
The oil pastels are proving quite an adventure, nothing much to show yet, as I have been doing little bits rather than a proper picture, but I am getting the hang of them so watch this space ;-) I have had a box hanging around for quite a while and decided to try to do something with them ;-)
I wanted to post something as I am doing a commission at the moment, a double border collie head portrait in soft pastels but can't show it as it is a present for my clients husband, so did not want to leave the blog with no posts at all!

Charlotte said...