Thursday, 18 March 2010


Busy morning in college today, started off in print, but as my screen (moth)  was not ready I was going to watch Gale demonstrating ( I have done a little screen printing , but it's been a while), then Kate suggested I come to sculpture to watch Michelle's small horse bone, casting as it could be useful for my (Saggar, fired) book casting, this was quite interesting and has set a few more ideas off for my book project (or maybe some other stuff later). 
I had to finish early as I have no one to let Oskie (my JRT) out at the moment, but have spent the afternoon looking up resources for my moulding and casting, as the book is so fragile (looks like a pile of ashes ;-) ) it is going to need fairly specialist resins etc, and although I have managed to find suppliers, it does look like it is going to be quite expensive! Heres hoping I wont need too much. 
Have also made a start on the sketchbook to go with the project and now have an introduction page and some influences and ideas. I am going to leave it as is for the time being because I need to finish the Secret World commission and also a summative (yikes) Power Point presentation for next week, and we  have to write a small piece about our weakest areas, for our life drawing assessments next week. Will be glad to get all the "bits " out of the way and really get down to some work  on the project!

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