Monday, 29 March 2010

Printing the moth and other stuff

Last week was a bit hectic to say the least. I had my presentation for the Secret World commission on Thursday, it went well I think, but will have to wait untill after Easter for comments/marks. The commission is finally pulling together, it has taken so long, but has been a huge learning curve. I have  a bit of work on the foreground and also may be screen printing the text, so am nearly done, which is just as well as I have some of my own commission work to get on with, as well as a second commission within the college course.

I had great fun Printing on thursday, and whilst demonstrating monotype screen printing with my moth acetate as a template, our tutor forgot to remove the acetate sheet and printed on that instead of the paper!

I rather liked the result, shame it had to be washed off, but I did a couple of nice prints so will post soon.
We are on our Easter break now, but have work to do before we go back, including an assignment/another Powerpoint for our theory studies. This is a larger one than we have done before and is all about analyzing our own work and influences, a bit scary but rather interesting.


Josef said...

Hehe, Gail printing on you acetate was perhaps the highlight of that day! especially as she was being moderated! you produced some greate mono-prints, i liked the combat green/brown prints you did and i am looking forward to seeing you develop!! hope you are having a nice holiday so far!! c u soon!! Joe said...

Must admit to a chuckle myself, and it wasn't even my fault for a change!