Friday, 22 January 2010

Just a quick update, as I have no new work to post at the moment.
 Had an excellent day in Ceramics yesterday, creating a book out of paper pages and clay slip, similar to the method used to make saggar firing kilns, painting each page with slip then drying with a hot air gun. This will now be fired and hopefully become a very fragile book  (I have a 20% chance success rate according to Simon our ceramics tutor, so lots of crossed fingers please ;-)) I will then use more clay and/or textiles to make further additions, consisting of moths and/or butterflies.
I spent the whole day doing this and expected it to be quite boring, but have to say I really enjoyed the process even if I did take more clay slip home on my clothes and person than I left in the studio! and if doesn't work this time I am quite prepared to try again ;-)
Tidying up my digital photo library I came across a couple of my cloth doll pics, so thought I would post them here as due to changes they are no longer on my (new) website. The second (clown) was made from a pattern, designed by Jill Maas


Charlotte said...

i loveeeee!!

Charlotte said...

i loveeee!!

Jan said...

How cool! I've been very remiss about visiting other blogs to comment and I see that you've had a lot to show us over the past few weeks!

Your dolls are exquisite and I can't wait to see your book page. Fingers are crossed that it will turn out well! said...

Thank you Charlotte and Jan.
The book should be fired by next week, in the mean time I am looking at making a textile moth, to put in between the pages ;-)