Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Secret World Commission finished

I have finished and am able to post some pictures of the commission I have been doing for the Secret World Animal rescue centre, in Highbridge, Somerset.
 Owned and run by Pauline Kidner, the centre is dependent on  donations and fund raising (some wonderful work and events  done by the volunteers and friends of the centre, as anyone linked to them on FaceBook will be aware)
A haven for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The animals are taken care of until well enough to be rehabilitated in the wild. I will be adding link to the centre in the next day or so.
The commission was part of my college course for this year, we had to find commissions  in the public sector and I chose to approach Pauline, because of my love of animals and nature, the vicinity (not too far from me) and hopefully in part to help with promotion of the centre.
It has taken me a long time to do as it had to be fitted into the course with all the other work, also I had problems trying to fit the details in with pastels, although it is a large piece (A1) the elements in it are smaller so I decided to go with coloured pencil, no biggy for some, but I don't (or should say did'nt) use CP's, so it has been a baptism of fire..............  



Josef said...

Hello G, i am so glad you have finished, i officially feel bad as i have not even started mine yet! It looks fantastic and well done! hope you are enjoying the sunshine and have had/having a peaceful break, see you next week!! Joe

geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

Thanks Joe
"i am so glad you have finished," lol me too!

I haven't started any of the other work set, but hoping to catch up a bit now