Thursday, 15 April 2010

Artie, nearly done

Today's update and Artie is almost done, I need to sort out the collar, tweak a few bits and add some whiskers, then add a mount before he goes off to his owners



sue said...

Brilliant Geraldine.

Is that the 'light blue/grey' Sennelier Pastel Card? I drew a white GSD on that colour recently and really loved it although it looked a bit green in some lights.

Anyway, how did you like the paper in the end? You've certainly produced a lovely pastel portrait on it. I tend not to put a soft pastel base down on this paper, but use Derwent pencils which seem 'softer' and find they work best (for me) said...

Hi Sue, and thank you,
Yes It is the blue/grey Sennelier Card and I also found it looks a little green in certain lights, that was one of the reasons I chose that colour as I thought it would complement the black dog (with bluey/green/white highlights) I saw your beautiful white G.S.D ;-)

I quite liked the paper but it took a bit of getting used to, I used Derwent and Pitt pastel pencils for the initial drawing and blocking in and then pastel sticks, harder ones first and then softer ones (various brands) and then back in with hard ones to detail . I think the paper responded better to the sticks rather than the pencils but I really liked the fact that there was so little dust, its my main bugbear with pastels, and I also like a firmer support pastel paper tends to be so flimsy and I use a lot of pastel! I shall certainly use it again.