Friday, 9 April 2010

Artie on Fisher paper (hopefully)

Well I have finally started something new, It's a black spaniel called Artie, this is a commission within my college course, basically we have to get commissions in the private and public sector and keep a sketchbook/diary to go alongside, this will include proposals, contracts , meetings and client contact etc!

I have decided to use Fisher 400 paper as I am working in pastel, but have already hit a problem, after putting in a loose background I have noticed some little spots that the pastel is not covering, almost looks like fixative has been sprayed onto it. It has been stored for a while but no fixative or similar has been near it, so I am going to put a couple more layers on before I give up and start again! I have some Uart paper on order from the SAA so if all else fails will try that instead, that way I can get some experience with some new papers as I do tend to stick to what I know favouring Murano (smooth side ) for pastel sketches and drawings, and mount board for pastel paintings.


sue said...

Thats a shame Geraldine as Fisher 400 is probably still my favourite support for pastels. I've had that problem with Colourfix but never the Fisher paper. Maybe you've had a 'duff' batch?

I've yet to try UART paper - UART kindly sent me samples of each weight a couple of years ago and I'm embarrassed to say I haven't got round to trying it yet. They are fairly small pieces so perhaps I'll have a 'scribble' over the weekend :o)

Look forward to hearing how you get on with it. said...

Hi Sue,
I've had the paper for a while but it was stored in cardboard packing so I don't think it's anything I have done to it, but perhaps as you say a duff batch. I do like it a lot and have used it a couple times in the past and thought I would use it for the pastel work I am doing now.
I will carry on and finish Artie, maybe spray with fixative and see if I can cover the "flecks" if not I will chalk it up to experience and start again, the practice is good for me ;-)
will let you know about the UART paper, I have never tried it before and like to try different surfaces and I know it can be used for CP's as well, so once I get over the experience of the last CP piece, I may well try some smaller work.

pett paintings said...

Oh what a shame, could the marks be indents? I have to store my pastelmat paper very carefully as small "pressure dents" resist the pastel and can ruin the work........hope you manage to find a way round it without having to start over x said...

Hi Kay
no don't think so, more like tiny water marks, I have done quite a bit today, so will spray what I have done and have a look tomorrow, if it's a no go, I will start again (won't be the first time!)