Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Artie not on Fisher paper .

Well the original "Artie" has been scrapped due to the problems with the paper already mentioned, I did manage to cover the "spots" with fixative and layers of pastel, but it looked very heavy and "flat" so have treated it as a practice run and started again.
This is on Sennelier Pastel card, not too sure about this surface as it is very course, so am having to work a good under layer before I get the details in. I am in the process of trying out various surfaces in the hope of finding one that I like, without throwing up too much pastel  dust.  Anyway, here he is so far, some slight variations in colour due to camera.....

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sue said...

Hi G

I'm following this with lots of interest as Fisher 400 is my (bestest) most favoured support for pastes, followed by Sennelier Pastel card. I find the Sennelier to be far 'scratchier' than the Fisher but I love them both.

What a wonderful reference - I'm sure the end result will be brilliant, whichever medium you settle on.