Monday, 2 August 2010

Thinking ahead to my college project for September

 I have been thinking about my inspirations and why it is I am drawn to animals and nature, I am not religious in the conventual sense, but perhaps a little spiritual. I look for magic, I love the beauty in nature, and am in awe of reproduction and the whole circle of life and death. I see beauty in decay and fragility and I think these are areas I will explore further, I have touched on this in my studies so far, in my textiles and ceramic work, but I want to bring these ideas in to my mainstream 2d work. I am required to find 4 major artists that I can identify with and research with the aim of creating a brief for my project, the problem for me is not finding 4 but eliminating the others.

Susan Seddon Boulet


Jilly said...

Ooooo love that image that you posted. It set me off on a whole new thought process. My husband John did a panel of photographs on dichroic glass for his A panel distinction at the Royal Photographic society. It was inspired from his macro shots of rust which are amazingly colourful and fit with the decay element that you mentioned. Don't know if it helps, but I'll send you some of my macro rust images if you like. They remind me of the background to Susan's image. said...

SHi jilly,
yes please would love to see them, I touched on the subject of decay earlier this year with my book of ashes, but I am hoping to go much further with this new project, and also to bring in animal images in a similar way, perhaps as portents, or superstitions (ie Crows,magpies black cats etc) . Paganism and Shamanism are also a big factor and I am fascinated by symbolism, which is a major element in most of my favorite artists work.
I have been keeping a small journal as part of my course and a couple of the pages in it have worked really well, the acrylic glazes have given a mood of the same sort of ideas, decay/rusting, I will scan it in and post later.

Anonymous said...

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Yes of course I would be happy to exchange links, If you let me have your link, I can add you to the links list on the blog.