Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Thought I would just add this little piece, I had quite a bit of paint left on my palette when clearing up after finishing Oskar this afternoon, so not wanting to waste it I had the idea of mixing  it altogether very roughly, painting it onto a page of my water colour   journal ( used for experiment/colour testing) and seeing if I could see anything in the resulting paint! Using a few colour pencils this is what I came up with. A very quick (about 30 mins) drawing.......... but it has given me more ideas for my this space!


pett paintings said...

Great idea, I'm all for "waste not want not" and if you get inspiration during the much the better! can't wait to see what transpires form your experimenting xx

Jan said...

I want to see this completed also - so far it looks great! said...

Thank you, Kay and Jan,
I probably won't do anymore to this one, as it is just a quick experiment, but it has made me think about different ways of working with the acrylics/other media.
I am thinking about pulling things from abstracted or diffused backgrounds and maybe painting / drawing a more defined focal point, similar to the collages I did but with my work rather than the photo images.