Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Art in the Park

A couple of  pics of my stand, I kept it small as I was sharing with other artists, but have to admit I did find it quite restrictive. Over all I enjoyed the shows, meeting other artists and the people that came to see our work. I was surprised at quite how much work is involved in preparation and organization. I have learnt quite a bit and this will be very useful for my professional practice studies when I go back to college in September.


Jan said...

You have really been busy, Geraldine! Congrats on all the interest in your art and particularly all the sales!

All of your work is beautiful but your white swan is gorgeous! How do you find time to both paint and show and keep up with your blog?!!!! said...

hi Jan
the last couple of weeks have been a but frantic, but as I have just started my summer break from college at least i didn't have that to worry about (have a whole list of summer tasks, but they will have to wait for now ;-))settling down to some commission work now,so will have some more stuff to blog quite soon.