Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Update on Maisie picture

This one is beginning to turn into a real labour of love (a labour anyway!)
Slow going today, but have made quite a bit of headway, I am getting a little concerned about the nose mouth area as it is "not quite her" so thought I would get the up date on here, and finish for today, then compare with the photos at the same size as the portrait to check on the positioning etc.
I have tried turning it upside down and in the mirror but so far no help, Hopefully a fresh start tomorrow will show me the error/s in the drawing. Anyway here is where we are at!
Afraid the photos are a little dull due to lighting (we have rain again!)


sue said...

The colours look fabulous Geraldine. I'm sure the nose/mouth details will just fall into place tomorrow - sometimes you definitely need to break away don't you.

Jennifer Rose said...

I think the problem is because her chin is not that defined in your work compare to the photo?

geraldine.boley@googlemail.com said...

Thank you Sue and Jennifer, and yes I think the problem may well be to do with the chin, hoping to work on it later today ;-)