Monday, 25 April 2011


`its been a while since I  posted on here, but the easter weekend has given me some breathing space to catch up on a few things and the beautiful weather we have been having means an earlier start to the day so I can fit more in;-). I am  busy preparing for my assessments for my degree, all due in the next three weeks or so and also for our major exhibition. I am currently working on three large (5' x 4') trees in charcoal on heavy rough water colour paper and these are currently the strongest contenders for my exhibition pieces. I have spent a day at Bristol Zoo (with grand -children) taking photos hopefully for future reference and also the last two days have been visiting the Secret World wildlife rescue center. Both these enterprises work very hard for conservation and the rescue center is entirely dependent on volunteers and donations. See link on this blog/facebook for further info. I have some seriously good photographs of some of our local wildlife and am hoping to get some of my own work underway in the summer..........

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