Sunday, 27 June 2010

I have just started the summer break from college/uni and although I have some work still to do (commission and small local exhibition entries) as well as sorting out and organising my artists research etc for september, I have taken the opportunity to play with some paint.
I have become increasingly frustrated and dare I say slightly bored with drawing and so wanted to have some freedom (of expression) using a media I have virtually no knowledge of (or control over). Inspired also by our recent visit to Cornwall I thought some landscape work may be a good way to go! As it turned out the results are much more expressionistic than I originally planned and the work evolved into something else............ enough of my waffling, this is one of the pieces I have been working on, I would love to know what peeps think, good or bad..
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                      acrylic and collage


sue said...

Hi Geraldine

This is way outside my 'artistic comfort zone' so I certainly can't critique ... don't know whether its good or bad ... but I can say that I really love the vibrancy and colours.

You say its a media you have no control over ... is it oil, acrylic or what?

Good for you ... look forward to seeing more of your work now you'll have a bit more free time.

ps: just been looking at the secret world website and its very similar to the Wildlife SOS charity that we support (Surrey)- you may have seen some of the TV series? said...

Hi Sue
thanks for comment, the 'painting' is acrylic, with collage, used very loosely with lots of acrylic medium. I am sure that the painting is not 'good', but I felt a real need to loosen up and enjoy some free style art work ;-) in this respect it really worked for me and also helped me to get used to acrylics and how they work., I have created 4 of these type of paintings, but have been hesitant to put them up, so am just testing the water with this one. I have done very little acrylic painting (or oils for that matter) and it is an area I am exploring at the moment.
I have seen some of the Wildlife SOS charity, and yes our S.W. does look similar, they do such wonderful work and I am really glad that I have been able to contribute, even if only in a small way :-)

Jan said...

Hey, Geraldine, I'm much like Sue and expressionistic/abstract work is out of my realm of knowledge. But, I have seen art similar to yours go for some pretty exorbitant prices so you may well be on to something here!

I really like your colors and those wave-like splashes are really good. said...

Thanks Jan ;-)