Tuesday, 18 May 2010


After a several  weeks thinking and planning about Symbolism, Romanticism, Pre-raph's etc (just about what you would expect from me, me-thinks) for my summative report at college, I work up early this morning with the realisation of something that had been nagging at me unconciously for a while.
I am not going to do the report on the aforementioned subject matter, but on  Dada, Surrealism and Salvador Dali! after doing a powerpoint and writing copious notes, that never saw the light of day earlier in the term, I would be rather stupid to waste them, (even if I did nearly forget about them!)

Our 10 week projects have gone in to be marked and thanks to a very generous fellow student, (thanks Joe)
who took lots of photo's I will put the pictures of mine on blogger very soon ;-)

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